Best Quadcopters for Taking Videos

Regardless of the fact that you possess the best camcorder ever introduced, making a decent quality airborne video is continually going to be a test. This is particularly genuine if you shoot from an airplane or a helicopter. Firstly, it is going to be exceptionally costly for you to do so and another thing is that you will require some enhanced equipment for ensuring the steadiness of your camera while flying.

Because of quadcopters, airborne recording is presently simpler and more secure than at any other time in recent memory. Right now DJI leads the route in quadcopters that are exclusively manufactured for feature making and photography.

Phantom 2 Vision+ (DJI)

Among the quadcopters available, the Phantom 2 Vision+ is viewed as one of the best, just on account of its remarkable capacity to record super-smooth features in light of its 3-pivot gimbal. With an implicit FPV interface and updated HD cam, you can stream live feature and even photographs from the quadcopter to your cell phone. In the matter of comfort, the Vision 2 + trumps the rest because the gimbal and a cam are now connected to the gadget, therefore there is no need for any arrangement.


Phantom Vision 2 (DJI)

The second best quadcopter is the Phantom Vision 2, additionally produced by DJI. This is a lot less expensive than the Phantom 2 Vision+ and may be sufficient for some enthusiasts. Despite everything it features in 1080p, it does not come with the gimbal cam mount. However, the footage taken from the Vision 2 can be smoothed out actually to match that of the Vision 2+.


X4 H107d FPV (Hubsan)

In spite of the fact that this quadcopter falls in the category of nano quadcopters, it accompanies striking peculiarities that will change the way you carry out aerial recording. It has an integrated cam that sustains a vivid picture straightforwardly to the implicit screen on the transmitter. You can record to the SD card and afterward see the advancement on the screen. It can record live video with a range of as long as 100m along with offering first person prospective. All these amazing features make this model one of the best quadcopters produced by Hubsan for taking video and aerial photographs.  It’s a great quadcopter for beginners too!


Walkera GPS QR X800

This quadcopter is rated at an expert level in video making. It is fit for sustaining a decent amount of load on it, therefore making it easier for you to choose the type of cam regardless of the cam’s weight. What’s extraordinary about this GPS-enabled quadcopter is that it is highly portable, the only reason why it has a frame that can be folded easily, along with a mobile landing gear. If that wasn’t already enough, then you should consider its sufficient flight time that is about 30 to 40 minutes.


Although some of these quadcopters may be a little expensive, if taking aerial features is your thing, then the cost should not become a hindrance between you and your passion.