The Top 10 Quadcopters For 2017

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You can have 4K ultra HD video at 30 fps at the tap of your finger, and engage the auto takeoff and auto return for this intelligent flying drone. Has 12MP pictures and air stability provided by the Gimbal stabilization technology, as well as Sense and Avoid Obstacle sensors to avoid obstacles in its path. Long range transmission means you can get excellent shots from 3 miles away.


Quadcopters area a popular technology gadget today. They are also known as quadrotor helicopters, and as the name suggests, it has multiple rotors, four to be precise, which give it its lift and propulsion. This distinguishes them from fixed-wing aircraft, where the shape of the wings accounts for the lifting mechanism, for example, in an airplane. Quadcopters can be used to take amazing videos and images from high up in the air; some enable you to see the videos live as well. You can control the camera to get the angle of your choice, as the cameras can be rotated 360 degrees. In this page, we will review the top 10.

Why are quadcopters better than conventional helicopters, you may ask? This is because they are far more efficient during vertical flight. The short blades are easily controlled, plus the loss of control while applying torque can be minimized because of the use of two clockwise and anticlockwise rotors, and counter rotation can eliminate such torque-induced control loss issues.

Buying the best quadcopter is no easy feat! They are so technologically advanced that you need to look at every aspect before purchasing a quadcopter, check for the specs, so that you get the best bargain for your money. Let’s have a look at some of the things you need to cover, particularly, if you are new to the technology of drones.

DJI Phantom 4 - UHD Camera Demonstration


  • Uses Gimbal stabilization technology
  • Ultra High Definition Camera with 4K resolution at 30 fps
  • Intelligent drone with automatic take-off and landing
  • Has a built in video editor
  • 12MP camera for pictures Micro SD card
  • Uses Sense & Avoid obstacle sensors
  • Huge range transmission of up to 3 miles
  • Excellent Quadcopter for a beginner or professional


  • 28 mins of flight time
  • Unobstructed, no-interference transmission
  • Incredibly fun and easy to fly with automatic stabilizers
  • Best quadcopter you can fly for the price period
  • Build quality is top notch


  • Small learning curve for taking professional videos
  • ​Uses 2.4 GHz transmission, which is similar to many household devices
  • DJI customer service could improve

Final Verdict:

This one of the best quadcopters you can buy.  It is easy to setup and easy to fly.  Takes professional-quality pictures and videos, and has a range of 3 miles.  Has crash-avoidance features and handles well even in windy conditions.  Plus the automatic stability make it easy to use indoors as well.  This is truly a technological marvel.

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No.NameProductProsEditor RatingLinksSee Prices
1DJI Phantom 4QuadcopterAn absolute blast to fly. Professional quality video. Excellent range.98See ReviewView On Amazon
2Parrot BebopQuadcopterDecent quality camera and GPS stabilization for the price.90See ReviewView On Amazon
33D Robotics Aerial PhotographyQuadcopterSeamless integration with Go-Pro cameras. Easy to fly & great stability.95See ReviewView On Amazon
4Yuneec Q500 4K TyphoonQuadcopterNano-sized so great for indoors too. A solid flyer.94See ReviewView On Amazon
5Hubsan X4 with FPV CameraQuadcopterEconomical. Fun once you learn how to fly it.88See ReviewView On Amazon
6DJI Phantom 3 4KQuadcopter4K UHD video camera. Professional quality video and pictures.95See ReviewView On Amazon
7DJI Phantom 3 AdvancedQuadcopter2.7K HD Camera. 4 times the range of the the Phantom 3 plus dual GPS.96See ReviewView On Amazon
8DJI T600 Inspire 1Quadcopter4K UHD video camera. Autopilot feature. Top of the line technology.98See ReviewView On Amazon
9Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Power EditionQuadcopterDecent stability and handling. Good value for the price.92See ReviewView On Amazon
10Syma X8G HeadlessQuadcopterHeadless mode makes flying easy for beginners.90See ReviewView On Amazon

What You Should Know About Quadcopters

All quadcopters are not made the same. Some are built for gentle flying, and some are tailored to ensure stability. You need a model that will give you a quick grasp over your drone, or you might even end up wrecking it. The models that are great regarding ease of flying include Phantom 3, Inspire 1, Q500 4K and 3DR SOLO.

Always invest in quality products, particularly if you intend to keep up this hobby for long. This means investing in a good controller and charger, and while initially, it may be costly, it will pay off in the long term. This is because these things can last for years on end, and you don’t need to upgrade them as frequently as you might want to do with other technology like smartphones, as they are long abiding.

You should know some terms which will come handy in the future. They are terms use by some quadcopter enthusiasts. These are called RTF, BNF, and ARF.

RTF or Ready to Fly means you don’t need to do tedious assembly or parts setup for your drone. Simply charge the battery and maybe install the propellers (if they aren’t already), and you’re ready to go. This is great for a newbie who doesn’t know or doesn’t have the time to get lost in all the details of assembling a quadcopter.

BNF stands for Bind and Fly. Again, as the name suggests, does not come with a controller, which you will have to bind to your quadcopter. This is no walk in the park. Ensuring that the receiver and transmitter are on the same frequency, and use the same manufacturers’ protocol, is a must to have your drone on the go. If such details intimidate you, go for an RTF drone.

ARF or Almost ready to fly range require partial assembly on your end. Whether the receiver, transmitter, and battery are included in the drone kit depends on the brand you opt for, so make sure to read the description thoroughly before purchasing the drone.

Your drone should be registered with the Federal Aviation Administration or the appropriate governance board in your city to ensure that it complies with airspace regulations, as you will be sharing your airspace with other aircraft also, therefore, safety is a must.

These are some essentials that need to be covered before you get your hands on your fist ever quadcopter. This is why certain models are promoted over others, as they guarantee you long lasting components, ease of use and easy assembly. Now let’s look at them individually to get a taste of what we are delving in.


The Top 10 Quadcopters


The following reviews will give you the inside scoop on the ten best quadcopters in the market for 2017.

DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter:

DJI-Phantom-4Description: You can have 4K Ultra HD video at 30 fps at the tap of your finger, which engages auto takeoff and auto return of this intelligent flying drone. You get 12MP pictures and seamless shots, made possible because of the stability in the air provided by the Gimbal stabilization technology and hover function, as well as Sense and Avoid Obstacle sensors, which means that your drone will not get detracted by an obstruction in its path. Long range transmission means you can get perfect shots from as far as 3 miles away.

$1,350 on Amazon

Parrot Bebop Quadcopter:

Parrot-Bebop-Quadcopter-BlueDescription: You get 14 MP pictures and full HD 1080p video with auto return technology. Stability is important in air to achieve high-quality photos and videos, and this is accomplished by 3-axis image stabilization. Wireless technology is available. You get distorted image with its 180⁰ view camera.

Price: This drone is available for $345, and as you can see, it is less pricey than some of the other brands available in the market.

$345 on Amazon


3D Robotics Aerial Photography Quadcopter:

3D Robotics Aerial Photography QuadcopterDescription: This is an RTF drone, with aerial imaging and follow me feature which enables your drone to follow you around. Gimbal stabilization technology is present to ensure you get still images, and cable cam mode can also be enabled. This is where the ease of use part that we talked about comes into play. The controller is designed like that of video games, so as to allow natural interaction between you and your drone, and gives you complete control over the drone as well as the Gimbal. You also have the option of mounting your cell phone on the transmitter.

$965 on Amazon


Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon Quadcopter:

Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon QuadcopterDescription: This is the same drone that was mentioned above as being an RTF aircraft and commendable for its ease of use. It comes with a CGO3-GB Camera. The camera and transmitter are pre-bound, which saves a lot of hassle for the first time user. The camera quality is superb, with 4K, 30 fps imaging for ultra HD videos, and 1080p at 120 fps for slow motion video. You get 12 MP pictures and 3-axis precision camera for stability. In this, the Q500 is head to head in competition with the Phantom 4, as the features and price are roughly the same. The SteadyGrip feature makes for easy shooting of any video. It is one of the high rated drones regarding stability, and ease of assembly and use.

$886 on Amazon

Hubsan X4 Quadcopter:

Hubsan X4 QuadcopterDescription: This has a six-axis flight control system for superb stability, and comes with FPV (First person video) camera, from which you can make live video up to a distance of almost 100m. You get to view the video instantly on your transmitter and record it on your SD card. The charging provides 30 minutes of airtime. This light unit, which is about 4 square inches in size is good for using indoors, as the bigger ones might crash something! Users have reported excellent video resolution, so it is not a bad bargain at this price! This is the best quadcopter for under $100.

$108 on Amazon


DJI Phantom 3 Professional 4K:

DJI phantom 3 4KDescription: This also comes with a 12 MP camera, and an ultra HD 4K video making capability at 30 fps. The available flight time is 25 minutes, and several smart features are embedded to give you greater control. This includes Follow Me and Course Lock. Six-axis stabilization technology is also present, and the maximum transmission range is 0.75 miles or approximately 1.2 km, which is quite impressive!


$920 on Amazon


DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Quadcopter:

DJI Phantom 3 AdvancedDescription: There is a trade-off for the lesser price vs. the DJI 4. You get 1080p full HD videos instead of 4K in the other versions. However, it allows live streaming 720p HD videos directly from the phone, thanks to their Lightbridge technology. You can control the camera from ground, and use the Vision Positioning system allows for safe flight indoors. This system uses an array of optical and ultrasonic sensors to detect obstacles. This drone is fun to fly. Automatic take-off and landing are also another cool features of this drone. This is again a very highly rated drone in the industry and is praised for stability in air, high-quality pictures, and easy to use.

$1,300 on Amazon


DJI T600 Inspire 1:

DJI T600 Inspire 1Description: This is an RTF system; ready to go out of the box, and all you need to do is add a mobile device to take live videos. The fiber arms give a full 360⁰ view, which is a significant advantage over many drones. How is the video quality, one may ask? You get 4K video recording, and 720p HD live video streaming is up for grabs, along with 12 MP crystal clear images. This is a great product, albeit there have been a few customer complaints regarding customer support in case of malfunction.

Price: DJI are manufacturers of choice when it comes to making cutting edge drones, and their drones, though more expensive than some others in the market, but they usually have excellent features that make them worth the investment.

$1,999 on Amazon


Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Power Edition:

Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Power EditionDescription: Much of the description is already mentioned in the title. This is a ready-to-fly drone, which offers you 12-18 minutes airtime. 2 High-Density Batteries increase the flight time to above 30 minutes. Live video streaming and HD video recording options are also available. The best part about this drone is that it can be customized. Three sets of red, orange and blue propellers in addition to the standard black ones and a matte black hull makes you go experimental with your drones. The flight range is 50m or 165 ft away, and pressure sensors provide stability even in windy conditions. This makes for excellent control of you aircraft, indoors and outdoors.

$245 on Amazon


Syma X8G Headless Quadcopter:

Syma X8G Headless QuadcopterDescription: For such a small price, you get an 8 MP HD camera, along with 1080p 30fps, or 720p 60fps MOV video quality. The holding case is compatible with a GoPro camera which you can buy separately. You can control it from a distance of about 70m or 230 ft away. You can learn to fly your drone real quick thanks to the IOC (Intelligent Orientation Control) function. The 6-axis flight control system allows great stability during flight, and 360-degree roll gives a commendable performance from the camera. Blade protectors are also attached for longevity. This drone is highly praised because of the incredible performance in spite of the low cost. You do get a good deal for your investment. This is truly the best Syma quadcopter and the best quadcopter for under $200 you can buy.

$139 on Amazon


So we have reviewed ten of the best models available. As you have seen, some are good regarding affordability, and some use high-end cameras for top video quality. There are trade-offs in ease of use, price, flight range, and technology. There are great options out there for all types of users; the ones who are buying their first drones and the ones who are too finicky and want the best features. So which one will you buy?